Design Crush: Pietro Nolita

Pietro Nolita is a little gem of a restaurant on a quiet street in New York that had me at pink and pasta, two of my favorite things.  Opened in late 2016 by two food and fashion industry veterans, the color scheme at this “healthy Italian” subterranean spot is entirely pink both on the interior and exterior– essentially an Instagram and Pinterest fanatic’s rose- colored dream.

Owners Pietro Quaglia and Mina Soliman, former

Paris in August

For two weeks in August, Western Europe, for the most part, takes a collective holiday. The streets are much quieter than usual and the atmosphere at night buzzes with the laissez-faire attitude that comes with not having to worry about reporting to work the next morning. So I fit right in.

Many restaurants and boutiques take the holiday too – as they should – but that gives those that choose to holiday in Paris (me!) a

Books that Make Me Want to Travel

I love being in a book club — it exposes me to stories I may not have read otherwise. And that’s my favorite thing about books — they the pages of a book can let you experience a place or time in history without having to be there. In my opinion, the world would be a better place if everyone would read just a little bit more about something they don’t know or understand.  

Beauty & The Bath

I believe bath time is a necessity. I once bowed out of a lovely potential apartment because it didn’t have a bathtub. I’ve planned vacations around spots known for their healing thermal waters (ahem, Baden Baden). As I child, I once fell dead asleep in the bathtub when my parents turned their heads and scared them to death. The bathtub has always been my ultimate zen.

There are many reasons to take

Weekender: Baden Baden

When my job sends me to Europe, there is only one thing on my mind … where else can I go while I’m there? In May, I was scheduled to work in Frankfurt - an international melting pot boasting beautiful parks that provide the perfect backdrop for a city run and some of the best sushi (yes, sushi) I’ve had away from California. Not to mention the modern German fare, such as what you’ll find

Fat Pants: Where to Eat in Vancouver

There are some places you visit where you revolve most of your itinerary around the next meal. A mecca for foodies, Vancouver is definitely one of those spots, especially when it dips to 19 degrees, like it did when I was there over the holidays. My friends and I set up a home base between Gastown and Yaletown, walking distance to a plethora of the coolest restaurants and bars in the city.

I went

Work it Out: Body by Simone

It’s become somewhat of a tradition the past couple of years to welcome the New Year in another country and then spend day one of January making resolutions for the year to come. Last year, this happened on a whim at Claridge’s in London. This year, it was in Deep Cove, just outside of Vancouver, in a little bistro called Arm’s Reach.

The categories for our resolutions span travel, relationship, career, spiritual and

Weekender: Willamette Valley

Since I don’t live in a state where the leaves change color, for me, fall is the season for wine. I’m spending next weekend in Napa Valley and before I get there, my wine shipment from Willamette Valley will have arrived.

As a lover of good wine, I’ve been around the world tasting vino from Old World vintages in Bordeaux and Douro Valley to New World varietals in Sonoma, Napa and Santa Barbara. This past spring,

A Day at the Del

You know those friends you have where no matter how much time has passed since you’ve last seen each other, it seems like no time has gone by? (Or, at least I hope you do.) That’s how it is when I get together with Molly and Christine — we’ve been friends for over a decade when we all left our homes in the South for the glamour of life in LA. Since then, our lives

The Airbnb of Dining: Bonappetour

We love exploring new cities, but sometimes finding the best places to eat while traveling can be daunting.  Boneapptour, a meal-sharing/in-home dining platform founded in 2014 offers a unique alternative. Their AirBnb- like services make it easier for travelers to discover local cuisine and culinary traditions across the globe. 

We chatted with Co-founder Rinita Vanjre Ravi to get the scoop on this very appetizing (get it?!) idea.  

Was there a particular experience that prompted you to

Love Takes Off on MissTravel

When I first heard about, I was admittedly skeptical. It’s basically Tinder for travelers – a matching service for people who want a travel partner, but also wouldn’t mind if they found love in the process. First dates take place everywhere from the Maldives to Bolivia to Sweden … and come with no strings attached? Seems too good to be true.

Approximately 600,000 members (who go through a strict approval process)

Dine Like a Local at Malibu’s Sunset Restaurant

In a land that has become a haven for the Nobu’s and Mastro’s of the world, it’s sometimes nice to find a place that epitomizes the laid-back surfer beach vibe that made Malibu famous in the first place. 

Located across from Zuma Beach and away from the traffic of the PCH, Sunset Restaurant is a breath of fresh air if you’re in the mood for no fuss and no pretention. Don’t get me wrong

Nomade Tulum...your new favorite beach hotel

Nomade Tulum is the coolest new hotel in Tulum that you haven’t heard of yet, but will soon be all over your Instagram feed.

As a person who has traveled frequently throughout life, there are certain destinations that really resonate and feel extra special. While unpacking my suitcase from Tulum a few weeks ago, some powder white sand fell out and I was instantly nostalgic for this magical beach town. There’s so much to fall in


We love going downtown. It’s where you’ll find the beautiful people in LA. Far from the flip flop wearing Westsiders of Los Angeles – almost everyone here is in black, wears a hat and is, well – cool.  This past Monday night we were invited to The Theatre at The Ace Hotel Downtown to celebrate Time Out LA’s Bar Awards.  The music was pumping, the booze was flowing and crowd was gorgeous.  In case you

New Venice Joint Serves Up No-Nonsense Cocktails Sans Scene

photo: Robert Stark

The Lincoln sits on an unfussy, unpretentious stretch of Lincoln Boulevard in Venice where it is fitting that you’ll find a straightforward “man’s man” kind of bar.  Cool without even trying, The Lincoln is basically what would happen if Steve McQueen and Jon Hamm (two of my favorite man’s men) had a baby together in the form of a vintage cocktail joint.  Founders Jeffrey Best and Kenneth Jones, along

LA Scene: Where to Get Serious About Shopping

With the arrival of Spring/Summer weather, not only do we feel the need to shed layers, but also last season’s wardrobe. This season – I’m all about strategically placed cutouts, flirty high-waisted skirts and shoes with fringe. There are also some trends I could do without, like gingham. And then there are the items that never go out of style – like a comfortable tank, jeans and a cool pair of kicks.


Parks & Rec: LA's Little Gem - Franklin Canyon Park

When the news was announced that Runyon Canyon was set to be closed from April to July almost every green-juice guzzling, Lululemon wearing Angeleno just about lost their mind.  Where would they go for sweaty celeb-spotting views of the city? Believe it or not, there are other parks in the city that provide amazing views, sweaty hikes and even some eye candy (if you look hard enough). Enter – Franklin Canyon Park.

This sprawling area of

Foam Rolling our way to a Tulum-ready bod

With summer just around the corner, and some beach vacations on the horizon (Viva Tulum!), we are starting to get a bit more aggressive about working out.  For me, that usually means putting down the pizza (NOOOOO!) and picking up the dumbbells, but I’ve been bored with weight training as of late and have been seeking more adventurous and unique means of shedding winter pounds.  

Enter the foam roller.  Before attending the launch event/workout session

Weekender: Barcelona

Wintertime in Europe can be bleak – gray skies, lots of rain and frigid temperatures. So when I found myself working in Germany for the umpteenth time during late January, I talked my parents into meeting me for a weekend in Barcelona to shake off the chill.

A little background on my relationship with Spain – we did not have a particularly fond introduction. While resting at a café in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor, a young gypsy

Tropical Transformation- Happy and Healthy in Hawaii

If we had to pick our spirit animal, it would be the honeybadger, obviously.  If we had to pick a spirit destination, Hawaii takes the cake. Known for lush landscapes and tranquil blue waters, the islands of Hawaii each have their own unique way of bringing out the fitness fanatic and free spirit in us all. It is practically impossible not to feel inspired to get outside and get moving when you’re there – and

Allegretto Vineyard Resort: A Wine Country Oasis

I’ve been to California wine country before. Napa. Check. Solvang. Check. Los Olivos - it's been done before and, yes, I did the Sideways wine tour.  But I had never been to Paso Robles – a sprawling area located in the heart of San Luis Obispo, just halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Paso Robles, of course, is known for its lush wineries, aromatic olive oil and decadent almond orchards, but when my husband

Pistola Curated Hog Heaven for Smithfield Chefs Table LA

When you get an invite for a celebration of pork, you’re intrigued … or at least I was. (Vegetarians probably wouldn’t be.) I am a big fan of bacon, belly, loin and chops, but as an entire concept? My curiosity got the best of me and I checked yes for Smithfield Chefs Table at Pistola LA, a restaurant that usually serves up fancy Italian fare and killer steaks. (The location also


Living in LA, it’s hard to find great French restaurants.  Yes, they do exist, but not to the extent they do in New York City, for instance.  I can remember living in New York years back and not a day would go by where I didn’t pass a Parisian cafe with wicker bistro chairs and the smell of delectable pastries filling the air. Well, I don’t live there now and I rarely use walking as

Weekender: Bordeaux

To really get a feel for a culture, get out of the city and see what the country has to teach you. So when deciding where to go for a little getaway on a recent trip to Paris, there was really only one choice in my mind — Bordeaux. (If I’m going to learn, I’m doing it over a glass of wine.) Only a three-hour train ride from Paris, Bordeaux immediately slowed down the pace

Holiday Entertaining, or as I like to call it “Wine and Cheese Season”

The Holidays are here and while it is still upwards of 70 degrees in Los Angeles, we do love to embrace the spirit of the season- we just have to work a bit harder to feel the vibe as we walk around in our flip-flops and tank tops. One way we Angelenos compensate for our lack of frigid temps and snow is to get festive with our food and alcohol.

Of all

Weekender: Dubrovnik

I recently had the chance to visit Croatia. My original impressions were optimistic, but after having been, I can now say the country is a must for any European adventurer! Dubrovnik is a gorgeous city that has recently been popping up on the destination radar as King’s Landing on the HBO hit series Game of Thrones - the city is just as alive and vibrant as the show would have you believe (without all the

Afternoon Tea at The Peninsula

Tea has been on my mind lately. Not just because I’m married to a Brit who enjoys more than a few cups daily.  Not because I come from a family of Persians who drink tea like it’s tap water.  Tea for me brings back memories of chats with my grandmother and rainy days indoors.

That said, the absolute best way to enjoy tea is the “proper” way – afternoon tea.  When you think of Los Angeles,

An Ode to Pizza: “The United States of Pizza” and LA’s Best Places for a Slice of Pie

As my favorite Ghostbuster, Bill Murray, once so eloquently mused, “If you’re not a pizza, then the answer is yes, I can live without you. “ Bill, you took the words right out of my pizza-filled mouth.

“The United States of Pizza” is a new book by Chef and Pizza Connoisseur CraiPriebe (published

A Hip Hotel Has Arrived in Charleston

Charleston, SC has long been a tourist destination for history buffs, beach bums and culinary enthusiasts. And while the city could have always been described as quaint, cute and the idyllic Southern town, it would never have been described as hip, cool, modern or happening. But in the last  few years, all that has started to change. It began with the culinary pioneers whose amazing food inspired by local fare caught the attention of the

Goombay Festival

Among the many festivals the Bahamas call home throughout the year, Goombay Summer Festival is a lively party filled with locals and tourists alike enjoying music and food along the salty ocean breezes off gorgeous Arawak Cay in Nassau.

The Goombay festival was named after the large goat-skinned drum that booms loudly throughout many Bahamian dances, and is the heartbeat of the famous Junkanoo festival. First launched in 1974, Goombay Summer Festival

LA Restaurant Review: Dinner at Commissary @ The Line Hotel

Roy Choi has done it again.  The Chef who “drove” into the LA scene with his famous gourmet Korean taco “Kogi Truck” is now back with one of his best so far – Commissary – a new restaurant that sits high atop Koreatown in a greenhouse at the newest hipster hot spot – The Line Hotel.  Those of you who have frequented his other popular eateries -- A-Frame, Sunny Spot and POT -- will also

Antigua's Mango Festival? Man, we gotta go!

Similar to how we Californians worship our native avocados and…wine (?!), Antiguans are proud of their indigenous produce- namely mangoes- and the many ways they can be enjoyed. To pay homage, the Mango Festival was created ten years ago and has since become a “can’t miss” event attended each summer in Antigua by tourists and locals alike. Located in the orchards of beautiful Christian Valley where over 30 varieties of mangoes are grown, this festival

Weekender: The Cotswolds

I’ll admit it. I love Jane Austen novels. I’m THAT girl. (Well, not entirely.) But in all of her novels and the movies that came after them, I always wondered why they walked so much. I know they didn’t have cars, but they walked not just to get from A to B, but also for the

The Miles Guy: 5 Tips For Earning Award Points

David Fleming, aka The Miles Guy, knows how to work the system when it comes to frequent flyer miles and credit card points. Miles have allowed him to travel around the globe — to more than 40 countries — practically for free.  He runs, a website for helping people use their points for fantastic flights!

We recently interviewed him and he gave us his five tips for stocking up on valuable

Dinner Lab Mixes it Up in the City of Angels

If you’re the kind of person that likes surprises, you might want to grab a seat at the Dinner Lab table. And since their kick-off LA dinner is this Saturday (July 25), you’ll have to be spontaneous too.

What’s Dinner Lab? Glad you asked. In their own words, they are “a new members-only supper club that connects adventurous diners with rising star chefs for unique rogue pop-up dining experiences across the country.” It started

Staycation: Playa del Rey

You tell yourself that you’re going to have a day of doing nothing. Just reading, journaling, sipping coffee and doing you … but you don’t. Because your laundry is staring you in the face. Or your kitchen is dirty. And then someone stops by and asks you to go to drinks. And of course, you go. But that’s not really what you need.

What you need is a Staycation

Last Sunday, I checked into the