About Us

If you appreciate unique experiences, things that are fun, things that are funny, a tasty cocktail, style that is cool but not “trendy,” and the road less traveled, read on.

Oh good, you’re still here. We are Wanderpants – three buddies who have all of the above in common, and also love to travel. We realize this isn’t a particularly rare thing to be fond of, as most people probably enjoy travel. What makes us a bit different, however, is how we travel. We like to feel like locals everywhere we go. We suss out what to see and what to skip in every destination, and most importantly, seek out the truly special spots that only the people who know a place inside and out could recommend.

Variety is important to us as well, so we scout out everything from campgrounds to private villas and taco shacks to Michelin-starred restaurants. Our mission with Wanderpants (which is fun to say because it sort of rhymes with underpants) is to discover these places and share them with you. Think of us like your awesome, reliable friends who do the dirty work for you in the form of nifty little guides.