Love Takes Off on MissTravel

When I first heard about, I was admittedly skeptical. It’s basically Tinder for travelers – a matching service for people who want a travel partner, but also wouldn’t mind if they found love in the process. First dates take place everywhere from the Maldives to Bolivia to Sweden … and come with no strings attached? Seems too good to be true.

Approximately 600,000 members (who go through a strict approval process) are giving MissTravel a go and we caught up with one of them to discuss why she joined, what really happens on dates and how she’s loving her new life in London.

Meet Chelsea. 

How did you find out about MissTravel and what made you join?
I saw an ad for it on a different dating website, with a question like “Young and want to travel?” I was instantly sucked in.

Are you on the site to find love or more for the travel aspect?
Can I say both? I’m primarily on there to meet someone as passionate about seeing the world as I am, but traveling to meet potentials in the meantime is a huge plus.

Any physical expectations on these trips?
You have to be very clear from the start. I require my own guest room or hotel room and Skype with my travel partner prior to meeting. Right before I leave, I give my roommate all of my information — where I’ll be staying, for how long, the full name of the person I’m meeting and their picture, and I check in with her daily. Never hurts to be too safe!

Most unique experience with MissTravel?
I went to Comic-Con in San Diego last year! It was awesome – my date flew me from NYC to SD, and I had my own hotel room. We went to every single panel we could and I got to dress up three times. It was the best weekend of my life, and I was invited to come back again this year!

Worst date experience? Or just something that was the most awkward?
The first thing that comes to mind happened last year. Someone I’d been talking to for a few months invited me to come to Reykjavik. I requested off work, packed my bags, and while I was on the way to the airport, my date called me to cancel due to a death in the family and had to rush back home. I was encouraged to still go since the tickets and hotel were booked, but I felt awful. We did end up meeting in London eventually.

In your opinion, what’s the most romantic travel destination?
The most fun I’ve had on a first date was in Boston, MA— we went to a three-day music festival and tried all the seafood the city had to offer. But the most romantic city in my opinion is NYC! There’s so much to do and explore, and you can walk most of it. It feels like you’re in the center of the universe, and you can find ANYTHING there.


What made you move to London?
Two years ago, I got my first passport and since then I’ve been to about 14 countries and at least 70 cities in America. Of all the places I’ve been to, London is my favourite. The music, the people, the food, the culture, the drinks (this is a craft beer lover’s dream!) It was everything I dreamed it would be as a child, and I felt like every day I was not in London was a day wasted. I finally had the means to move here and a job offer, and I couldn’t say no.

So give us the guide, Wanderpants style:

Pajama Pants
There are a ton of fancy hotels in London, but my favourite hotel so far has been an Airbnb – Staycity Aparthotels in Greenwich. Full kitchen, great bathroom, multiple rooms and not far from a bunch of pubs and clubs!

Fat Pants
Ichiriki Sushi House all the way! I don’t know how London does sushi so well, but I love it!

Party Pants
My favorite nightclub here is definitely Piccadilly Institute — it’s 5 stories, and each story has a different theme, bar, and is playing a different type of music. I do recommend going on student nights, as it’s significantly cheaper (and more fun!).

Ants in Your Pants
Ooh, this is a tough one. My favorite thing to do in London has got to be block parties- on weekends, it isn’t hard to find a closed off road with food trucks, loud music and ale everywhere, especially during the summer.

Just Bought these Pants
As touristy as it makes me sound, Oxford Street is my go-to. They have all of the stores I miss from America mixed in with a bunch of strange new ones.