Staycation: Playa del Rey

You tell yourself that you’re going to have a day of doing nothing. Just reading, journaling, sipping coffee and doing you … but you don’t. Because your laundry is staring you in the face. Or your kitchen is dirty. And then someone stops by and asks you to go to drinks. And of course, you go. But that’s not really what you need.

What you need is a Staycation

Last Sunday, I checked into the Inn at Playa del Rey – about 20 minutes from my place in Santa Monica. And sure, I had that talk with myself. “Why are you paying money to stay so close to home? You could do this in your own place!” But I won’t and neither will you, so I dished out money for a day of bliss in my own backyard. And it was SO worth it.

Here were the perfect elements needed for my Staycation:

Peace & a Porch:  There are many options for Staycations in LA, but I wasn’t looking for a party or to get hit on by business travelers at a hotel bar. All I wanted was to sit on a porch and drink coffee for as long as I wanted. An oasis in busy LA, the Inn at Playa del Rey reminds me of Nantucket (I’ve never been there so it could look nothing like Nantucket but let’s not ruin my daydream), complete with a white porch and views of the 600-acre Ballona Wetlands. The perfect place for a breather. 

Champagne & Cookies: That’s what I had for lunch. No kale. No perfectly balanced meal. I needed a break from my healthy-eating regimen so I paired sugar with sugar. The staff makes amazing fresh-baked cookies (among other pastries) and the smell lingers in the air at reception. Forget the milk – I popped the complimentary champagne and put on the latest Miguel album. (I may have even danced a little.)

Bath & Books: This spells B.L.I.S.S. for my nerdy side. Nothing makes me more relaxed than losing myself in someone else’s story, but I also wanted to have some reflection time too, so I strategically packed one fiction and one non-fiction. And when I felt inspired, I would write whatever came to mind in my journal. After a taxing day, I drew a hot bath, went to bed and congratulated myself on such a smart decision.