An Ode to Pizza: “The United States of Pizza” and LA’s Best Places for a Slice of Pie

As my favorite Ghostbuster, Bill Murray, once so eloquently mused, “If you’re not a pizza, then the answer is yes, I can live without you. “ Bill, you took the words right out of my pizza-filled mouth.

“The United States of Pizza” is a new book by Chef and Pizza Connoisseur CraiPriebe (published by Rizzoli), which celebrates America’s melting pot of pizza, from skinny to deep-dish- to cheese-less and gluten-free.  As Priebe’s research scouring the USA to discover the best pies (cough…tough job…cough) shows us, they’re all glorious in their own unique way.  The book is filled with glossy, hunger-inducing photos and recipes along with a guide to all of the pizzerias featured.  Some highlights include Santarpio’s Shrimp Scampi Pizza (Boston, MA), Beau Jo’s Green Chile Pork Pizza (Idaho Springs, CO), and Pizzeria Delfina’s Panna Pizza (San Francisco, CA).   

In honor of “The United States of Pizza” and my favorite food of all-time, below are some standout places for pizza here in Los Angeles (some of which Priebe’s includes in his book).  Oh, and Bill Murray, I say we take this love affair on the road and crush the country’s best pizzas together, one gooey slice at a time.