Bar Harbor/Acadia

There is a local saying in Maine: “We have 3 seasons: Mud, Tourist and Winter.” Travelers flock to beautiful Acadia National Park and flood Bar Harbor to thaw from a frigid winter, soak up the sun along the coastal shore, or immerse themselves in Fall foliage. Plus, there’s the fresh, succulent lobster for which Maine is famous.

When planning a trip, make sure you monitor the calendar as many of the local businesses shut down after Columbus Day for the end of the season. But despite the time of year that you choose to wander into the Resort Town meets National Forest, bring a pair of hiking shoes, some cash, a map, a jacket, and a healthy appetite.

To fully experience the town and park, I recommend a 4-day minimum and a return trip commitment. The foliage colors are best during late September-early October and if you are driving up from the

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