Meet Venice Local Matthew Ariail

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Venice Beach

Favorite Coffee Shop – Over the weekends I usually take a morning stroll along the boardwalk to the Groundworks on Westminster. Being deathly allergic to milk I can choose hemp, almond or soy milk for my drink. Plus, they’re super friendly there. Oh, and the coffee is strong.

Best Yoga / Gym – I was a member of GOLDS for several years and just recently decided to upgrade to Equinox. I’d like to say it was because of the steam room and Kiehls products in the showers, but it was really just to get away from an ex that frequents GOLDS.

Nail Salon – Main Attraction on Main St. It’s usually just crowded enough so that I don’t stand out as the only male getting a mani/pedi and paraffin wax treatment  

Hair Salon – I’ve been seeing Stacy South at The Harlot Salon on Abbott Kinney for about 6 years now. She will be trimming my hair as I lay in my casket. Too morbid? It’s true… I’m going out looking good.

Prettiest Spot in Town -  4th street overpass. Right at Oceanpark and 4th St. Right when the sun is setting. Also love Hotel Erwin’s rooftop bar, High. Also love the canals.   

Favorite Restaurant – I love C&O Italian on Washington and Pacific Ave. Those bread balls. Damn, they’re good.

Hottest people are where? - Abbott Kinney on First Fridays

Coolest thing about Venice - Getting in your car on Monday morning realizing you haven’t moved it since Friday.

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