Meet Rincon locals Ryan and Leah West

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Why did you move to Rincon? We moved to Rincon in hopes to start a new and exciting life! Ryan's sister has been living here for about 8 years now, and since they both surf, it only made sense. I just came along for the beaches! ;)


Favorite sandwich shop? Our favorite sandwich shop would probably be the new Island House at Casa Isleña. They're producing delicious (and maybe a little pricey) boars head deli style subs. 

Best beach for waves? The best beach(es) for waves really could depend on the day, but most of the time you can't go wrong with Domes or Maria's.

Favorite beach to unwind? The best beach for chilling would be the Marina. No waves ever and a sandy bottom that stays at about 5-6ft deep pretty far out. Sandy Beach is awesome as well, but you have to go on the right day as the current can get really crazy.

Best place to get your yoga on? Yoga! We're fortunate to have a few really great spots for yoga. My two favorites are Barefoot Studio and La Paz.

Best place for live music? Live music can be found at almost any bar on different night of the week! Lucky 13, El Bohio, La Copa Llena, Pool Bar, Villa Cofresi.... The list can go on!

Favorite eats, besides Lucky 13 of course! Mmm favorite eats! We love The Lazy Parrot, La Copa Llena, La Cambija and Ode to the Elephants..just to name a few!

Best place to make out? I'd say the beach of course! But if we're talking romantic restaurants/bars to get your smooch on.... I'd go with Ode to the Elephants, La Copa Llena, The Lazy Parrot or the Zen Garden at Pool Bar.

Hottest people are where? The hottest people are usually going to be at Tamboo or Cocktail Club. Both have fun, wild environments at night where the ladies can dress up and get their dance on! 

Coolest thing about Rincon? The coolest thing about Rincon, in my opinion, is the energy it holds. There's so many different kinds of people that come through our little town. It's almost as if a tiny part of everyone gets left in some way or another. Even your worst days in Rincon really aren't so bad. You can find pretty much anything you're looking for from the laid back, relaxation of being in the Caribbean. Or the wild and crazy party scene (of being in the Caribbean). You can live lavishly or off the grid. It's a great place for singles or families. Young or old. Not too many places in the world can you say that about. All the while, we've managed to (somewhat) keep our home a secret. 

What’s your perfect day in Rincon? My perfect day in Rincon..whew. 80 degrees with no clouds in the sky and a slight breeze. Have a nice home cooked breakfast with (my husband) Ryan on our patio. Go to the beach (Sandy's most likely) all day, having all of our friends surrounding us. Get in some paddle boarding and maybe snorkeling. Maybe pop into Tamboo every once in a while for some cold drinks. Go watch the sunset at Villa Cofresi with some Piratas. Get dressed up nice and choose where to have dinner, then end the day with some cocktails with friends at Casa Verde or Tamboo. ......but that's just coming from a married woman who doesn't surf :P

In your opinion, if Rincon were a pair of pants, what would they be? If If Rincon were a pair of pants it'd probably be white or black linen pants. Nice and breezy for daytime; you can even wear them over your bathing suit to the beach. But can also be transformed for night wear. And they can be unisex. Male and females can both rock some awesome linen pants!

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