Meet DC local Jonathan Martin

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Washington D.C.

Favorite coffee shop? Tryst in Adams Morgan. Not just a great place for coffee, but a spot where you can grab a drink and listen to live music while doing work.

Best yoga studio or gym? My favorite gym in the city is Washington Sports Club. Nice equipment, friendly staff and lots of locations in the city at half the price of Equinox. 

Favorite book store? Krammerbooks & Afterwords Cafe. A staple in the heart of Dupont Circle since the 70's. The bookstore also has a full restaurant and bar. Seems to be a trend in DC, drinking while working. 

Best local radio station? Hard to pick just one as this answer probably changes daily for me, but I'll say DC 101.1, DC's rock station. Howard Stern actually had his first true radio gig at the station back in the 80's. Runner up, WPGC, 95.5 (hip hop and top 40).  

Prettiest spot in town? The Memorial Bridge, connecting Arlington and D.C. across the Potomac River. Driving in from Arlington, your greeted by statues of men on horses on both sides of the bridge, with the Lincoln Memorial located right across -- giving you a great sense of pride and patriotism you'll only find in D.C. 

Favorite restaurant? Filomena Ristorante. An incredible, authentic family style Italian restaurant in Georgetown. The restaurant has been open for more than 30 years, and it seems like nothing has changed since my first visit as a kid -- truly timeless. 

Best place to make out? Gravelly Point, located right off the Mount Vernon trail and across the Potomac in Arlington. The point is located right next to Ronald Reagan airport, with planes flying at a low altitude right above the point. For a more romantic experience, I'd go at dusk as the monuments look incredible with the sun setting in the background.   

Hottest people are where? Where I live (obviously), Dupont Circle. 

Coolest thing about DC? The proximity of the neighborhoods and European feel of the city. Most of the neighborhoods in D.C. are only a few square miles big, much smaller in comparison to neighborhoods in NYC. The metro and access to cabs makes it much easier to get around versus a city like L.A. There are no skyscrapers in D.C. due to building height restrictions, which makes it feel like an old European city. 

One perfect day in DC? It would be in the Spring or Fall (the Winter's and Summer's can be pretty brutal). The day would start with a run across Pennsylvania Ave, past Barry O's house, around the monuments and into Georgetown. After spending time in Georgetown, I'd grab a cab and head over to 14th St. Northwest, an area with great restaurants, shops and people watching. Since our day is in the fall, I'd end the day by jumping on the metro and heading out to Landover, Maryland to watch America's favorite NFL football team, the Washington Redskins. 

In your opinion, if DC were a pair of pants, what would they be? DC would be a nice pair of slacks, slacks that your can work a 12 hour day in, and go out for drinks for a few hours in after. People work hard and play hard in D.C., so a sturdy, stylish pair of slacks should do.  

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