Meet Charleston local Nicole Rager

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Favorite coffee shop? Muddy Waters has a special place in my heart, being the first coffee shop to sell Nicole's Nutty Goodness, but my mood dictates my fave of the day. Since they all serve great coffee, I go to Kudu when I want a delicious beer on lazy Saturday afternoon, Bull Street Gourmet when I need a bomb breakfast sandwich, and Black Tap when I'm feeling modern, entrepreneurial, and artistic.

Best yoga studio? Bikram Yoga downtown. Can't help it. I like to sweat. And I like it when all the boys in class are shirtless.

Best local radio station? 105.5. Enough mainstream stuff to sing along, enough underground stuff to keep it real.

Nail salon? Um, Casa de Nicole.

Hair salon? Allure for the champagne, Salon Utopia for Holly Pesterfield.

Prettiest spot in town? All the secret gardens and alleyways South of Broad.

Favorite place to unwind? Bin 152. After yoga, of course.

Favorite restaurant? Anywhere I know the kitchen staff and thus am treated like a princess with a bottomless pit for a stomach. My "Never Disappoints" in general are Macintosh, Heart, Butcher and Bee, Five Loaves and SNOB.

Best place to make out? Oh my, which is my favorite?? Since Trio closed I have no go-to spot, it's a good thing you can really make out anywhere here on a Friday night and no one thinks anything of it.

Hottest people are where? Cocktail Club, Xiao Bao Biscuit, Belmont, any art event.

Coolest thing about Charleston? Charleston is charming, unique, and beautiful so it draws appreciative people in from all over, but still doesn't feel like a touristy city.

One perfect day in Charleston? I'd have a morning jog on the West Ashley Greenway before coffee with a girlfriend on the patio at Kudu. Then I’d meet another crew for brunch at Leaf or Rutledge Cab Co. where we'd eat amazing food with cheap Mimosas or Bloody Mary's. After that, the rooftop at Stars for another drink and easy convos. Finally we'd finish the evening at either some film/art event downtown or Marion Square watching the outdoor movie. Ahhh, I want that today!

In your opinion, if Charleston were a pair of pants, what would they be? They'd be classic, vintage, with an air of maturity...that all the cool kids are wearing

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