Meet Boulder local and native Nonie Wilder

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Boulder “unzipped” and from a locals perspective (could be fun to just ask different random questions here, but also get good tips and recs)

Favorite Coffee Shop – Brewing Market- Lafayette.  Drive thru.

Best Yoga / Gym – I’m a big fan of the YMCA, also in Lafayette. It has a friendly feel, a great Yoga studio, challenging classes, free childcare, and there are 80 year old’s and teenagers all working out together.

Favorite Book Store – Boulder Bookstore

Best Local Radio Station – KBCO.  I can’t imagine another answer.

Nail Salon – I like Ten20.  Reasonably priced, serves M&M’s, and is a great place to congregate with girlfriends.

Hair Salon – 95th Street Salon and Spa

Prettiest Spot in Town -  Chautauqua Park

Favorite Restaurant – Brasserie Ten Ten

Best Place to make out - I might have had an answer for this question 15 years ago.

Hottest people are where? -  I had to poll my co-workers on this one – they say The Bitter Bar, I might have to go check it out- WITH my husband, of course.

Pair of Pants - Lululemon Yoga Pants

Coolest thing about Boulder - Two things: I grew up here, so I think it’s amazing that almost everywhere I go I see someone I know.  Secondly, whenever I meet someone who is not from Boulder, They tell me it’s the best place they’ve ever lived.   

One Perfect day in Boulder - My perfect day would be in the Fall.  We would hike to the Royal Arch before the trail gets crowded. Then we would go have brunch at Brassarie Ten Ten, or grab breakfast to go at Spruce Confecions.  There would be a 1:00 football game at Folsom Field so, we’d meet up with friends and tailgate by Boulder Creek.  Of course, we’d get to the stadium a few minutes early to not  miss Ralphie’s Run.  After the game, send the kids home, head to Pearl Street, check in to the St. Julien Hotel and relax for a few hours at their Spa.  For dinner we would go somewhere hip and delicious like The Kitchen, or Pizzaria Locale and then wander back to the St. Julien to sit by the fire and hear some live music.

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